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   Root River Golf Club was founded by the Barsanti Family in 1944. Jane and Harvey Barsanti Sr. purchased The Root and began operation in 1945, with the help of greens superintendant Ernie Damerino. Although Harvey passed away in 1960, and Ernie passed away in 1979, Jane kept the business in the family with the help of her four children: Richard, Roberta, Nancy, and Harvey Jr. The hard work and dedication the Barsanti family put into the course and restaurant created a small utopia that many have called home away from home. It became synonymous with a well-maintained 9 holes of golf and quality dining experience. You were more than a golfer or diner, you were family. 

  In 2021, the course and restaurant were purchased by another local family. It is our (Dustin Grondin, Cristina Grondin, Leanne Frazier and Leroy Frazier) great honour to try and continue the experience that so many people have come to love. The Barsanti family passes on so many great traditions and they leave some massive shoes to fill. It is our mission to continue to add memories, traditions, smiles and new friendships to our ever growing extended family of Root goers. We look forward to seeing everyone at the course and restaurant. When you see a Barsanti, please give them a big hug and thank them for building this small piece of paradise, literally from the ground up.

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